Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The battle for the Golden Halo!

If you haven't been following, now is the time to hie yourself over to Lent Madness to vote for who will win the Golden Halo.  If you have been following, you will know that it's been a wild bracket!  Mary Magdalene coasted on in to the finals with ease, but on the other side of the bracket, big name after big name was bounced by Emma of Hawaii!  Paul, Cranmer, and Bonhoeffer all bowed down before the Queen.  Was it the forces of Big Pineapple, as the smear ads below suggest? Or was it the spirit of aloha carrying her like a wave?

In any event, either of these worthy and faithful women have earned the Golden Halo, but only one will win 2012 Lent Madness. VOTE (once!) for your choice! Polls close at 5 am PST tomorrow.

Great job, Supreme Executive Committee on a very fun Lenten project!  (Won't you be glad when the intertubes aren't cluttered with all these partisan attack ads?)


Halo said...

So who won this awesome Golden Halo, you never posted the poll results.

LKT said...

Sorry...It was Mary Magdalene, getting her due.