Thursday, December 9, 2010

New feature: Letters to Lillian

I wanted to introduce you to a new feature that will be showing up on the blog: Letters to Lillian. These letters were written to my great-aunt Lillian by her sweetheart Jim Campbell in 1922.

Jim was a recent Cal graduate who found a job working in the magnesite mines of Llanada, CA--a place which is still in the absolute middle of nowhere, about 75 miles west of Fresno. And, of course, if you wanted to stay in touch, letters were the only option.

I have these letters because they were given to my mother after the death of her cousin. Mom's cousin's widow handed Mom a box, and among the contents was this packet of letters. Mom read them and was completely charmed. I think they're charming, too, and very touching. And now I get to share them with you.

Though I hope to post them every Thursday, the mail can be irregular. I'll do my best, though.


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Buffy said...

lovely idea -- looking forward to it!