Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bond silliness

James and the babe leave a party in full fancy dress and hire a commercial airplane. As they fly over rocky, desert terrain, they are chased by a fighter jet and a helicopter, so they jump out with one parachute between them. Opening the parachute 50 feet above the ground, they thud together on the floor of a crevasse. The babe, who kept her heels through all of this though she has taken them off, sits with her back against a rock and pulls her knees up to her chest, shivering. Bond wraps his dinner jacket around her.

I turn to my mother and note, "She didn't even skin her knees." Mom claims there is something on her knees. I say that's just dirt. I say, "I trip over the doorjamb when Keeper pulls me and I skin my knees; she falls from an airplane in a knee-length black cocktail dress and gets dirt on her knees?"

I loved it. It reminded me of the movie "Broken Arrow" in which the only verisilimitude is that the leads jump into a river and come out wet. I mean, really, I'm not looking for profundity, here. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Andrew Sullivan posted this on his blog today. It is perfect. Enjoy.

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qoe said...

There, you have it. Gromit the supersleuth, hunting the were-rabbit; Wallace wallowing in the cream crackers... Isn't it just like life?

Speaking of life, we have "A Matter Of Loaf and Death" to look forward to from W&G...