Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Investment advice

Loved this from Sunday's SF Chronicle:

In a Union City factory that twists out 150,000 pounds of Red Vines licorice a day, plant manager John Nelson is betting that $10 million in capital investments, made when money flowed freely, will help his 240-person plant prosper through tough times.

"We won't call it recession-proof, but licorice has always held its own. It's kind of a comfort food," Nelson said.
I'm thinking comfort food is probably a good investment these days: Hershey's chocolate, Kraft mac and cheese, things like that. You heard it hear first. Maybe. Or maybe this is old news.

Anybody ever play the game "Pit"? Remember that one? Where you could corner the market on wheat, corn, oats and flax? No way, baby. Processed food. That's where it's at. High fat, low nutrition. That's what we're looking for.

Then again, Red Vines. After all, they're always fat free.

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