Thursday, March 21, 2013

First garden update of 2013

Sorry to rub it in, but it's spring around these parts. Here's what's blooming in the front yard:

One branch of the Weeping Cherry tree
We have passed Peak Magnolia, but daffodils are in and tulips are on their way.
Not the best picture of what will be a very nice planter with Nicotiana behind.
I'm sorry to say I lost the tag on this one, but aren't these flowers cute and cheerful?
This is callibrachoa "Cherry Star," which is coming back nicely.
And in the backyard...

The pear tree is blooming in front of the rose arbor (also still blooming).
A couple of hearty Sparaxis survived Certain Digging Dogs.
And the Love-in-a-Mist self-seeded like crazy around the edges of the beds.
Much more to come. And lots of work to do. How does your garden grow?


Ruth Douglas Miller said...

This is just not fair. First day of spring and we drive I95 in a snowstorm up to Ipswich, north of Boston. Oh well, you are not skiing tomorrow!

it's margaret said...

Beautiful! --the crocus are showing some green up in these here parts.

Anonymous said...

omg! over here in my neck of the woods, I feel grateful to have 3 inches of green hyacinth leaves sticking up under the remains of 2 inches of snow.