Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Update, June 2012

I was feeling somewhat depressed about the garden, and then I went and looked at the May update and felt much better.

It is true that the sweet peas are pooping out, and earlier than I expected.

But the beans and tomatoes, which were as nothing a month ago, are flourishing.

Yay! Little tomatoes!
Although we tragically lost the passionflower vine, almost everything we planted in the back bed seems to be taking off.

Sorry for the bad morning lighting.

This is the aptly named Harlequin marigold. Very fun.

Here's a zucchini squatting in the middle of the flowers, trying to look casual.
The side bed running along the house is in this strange phase, with some things finishing blooming and others not yet ready to bust out. It looks a little puny to me.

The aptly named Love-In-A-Mist is still blooming a little, but mostly it's got these maracas-like seed pods, getting ready to burst and spread Love-In-A-Mist everywhere.

And this coreopsis is one tall straggly stalk with buds on it. Bloom! Bloom!

Meanwhile, back in the front yard, the hydrangea that I tried hard to kill by pruning last winter?

Maybe I need to drive a stake through its heart.

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