Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glenn Beck explains the Council of Nicaea to you

From his May 27th radio program:

When Constantine decided that he was going to cobble together an army, he did the Council of Nicaea, right, Pat? Council of Nicaea, and what they did is brought all of the religious figures together, all the Christians, and they said, “OK, let’s put together the Apostles’ Creed, let’s, you know, you guys do it. and so they brought all their religious Scripture together, that’s when the Bible was first bound and everything else. and then they said, “Anybody who disagrees with this is a heretic and off with their head!”

Well that’s what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. Dead Sea Scrolls are those Scriptures that people had at the time that, they said, “They are destroying all of this truth.” whether it’s truth or not is up to the individual, but that, at that time those people thought that this was something that needed to be preserved. and so they rolled up the scrolls and put them in clay pots and they, they put them in the back of caves. no one could find them. they were hidden Scripture because everything was being destroyed that disagreed with the Council of Nicaea and Constantine.

That’s what those things are.

I'm so glad he's around to set us straight. Well, he does have an honorary doctorate from Liberty University.

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