Friday, November 13, 2009

Snuggie alert!

I went to the neighborhood Bed, Bath and Beyond last night.
And saw a wall o' Snuggies 12 feet high! You can only get a bit of it here.

They are taking over! This must be stopped!

On the other hand, these would be a nice accessory for zombies who must find it difficult to dress, what with this rigor mortis. In fact, I bet that's what it is! It's a preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse!


jan toepfer said...

waddayamean?? I was seriously thinking of getting one for Keeper. Maybe in pink like the doxy. Mom

qoe said...

It is the invasion of the body snatchers! The podpeople didn't work, so now the snatchers are back in the form of SNUGGIE PEOPLE! Be very affraid...