Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update from Fort Bragg: the Botanical Gardens

This is my last week in Fort Bragg and I figured I'd better hurry up and visit the Botanical Gardens here if it was ever going to happen. One of the great things about them is you can bring your dog on-leash to wander around, all the way down to the coastline (which of course I didn't take a picture of). It's so amazing standing at the edge of the world like that.

What I did take pictures of were the dahlias, which were incredible.

Every size, shape and color. It's hard to get a good picture from this picture, but even on a gray and gloomy day, they filled the eye.

I normally think of dahlias as moppy-headed things--not my favorite. But they are so varied in shape.

I didn't know they also came out looking like daisies.

But my favorites are the ones that look like honeycombs. I don't know why. Something about their self-control, perhaps. Or the roundness. Whatever the reason, I love the shape.

No deep thoughts here. Just some pretty pictures. I thought they'd make a nice change from some of the other stuff I've been writing about.


jantoepfer said...

Your grandpa Toepfer used to raise gorgeous Dahlias in Warrensburg. Maybe it is in the genes.

LKT said...

I remember hearing that. We'll see. They're interesting plants. No scent, though, as far as I could tell, but very lovely.