Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paris Dreams

I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks and suddenly it seems that Paris shows up all over the place. Views of Paris, references to Paris, things from Paris. Here I am in my usual cafe having tea and a croissant (and I plan to have tea and a croissant in a cafe every morning I am in Paris) and on the walls are large paintings of scenes of Paris. Were they here before? I have no idea. Perhaps they are not here now, just showing up in my minds eye because I see Paris everywhere. An imaginary city, lurking everywhere.


Katie McClellan said...

My favorite time to visit Paris is in the Autumn. I have a collection of huge autumn leaves gathered during a morning walk along the Champs du Mars.

They are framed and hanging in my office. Each time I look at them I go back...a beautiful chilly morning...nearly alone walking towards the Eiffel Tower...cafe in hand...no place special to be...no demands on my time or soul...just the air, the light and the moment.

I wish you amazing moments in Paris.

LKT said...

Thank you. I'm sure I will have them.