Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's blooming

Things are starting to pop in the garden with more to come! I wanted to share the latest with you.

In the vegetable garden:

The peas have started blooming, though they have a ways to go. Green beans popping up behind them.

In the rose department:

They're going absolutely nuts. Best year we've had, and it's only May 1. Wisteria are starting to fade out behind them.

And the rock rose finally got its first flower out there for the neighborhood to see:

Can't wait for more!

Some new flowers are making their debuts. I've been waiting and waiting for this Rose Chiffon poppy (in the California poppy family) to finally bloom. All the orange ones have been out for weeks. Finally got the first blossom out of this guy.

I'm hoping for much more to come. It's supposed to bloom "all spring"--I hope that means "well into the summer."

We bought this ursinia Solar Flare on a lark.

It's still pretty small but it looks like it will fill out nicely.

Finally, the sweet peas are starting.

There's a really great mix of vibrant colors. I'm hoping they will really make a splash.

Lots more going on, but I'll leave it at that for the moment. Happy May!


Buffy said...

Happy May to you! My first memories of your blog are the giant tomato pictures from last year. :)

LKT said...

There are sure to be tomato pictures to come. At least I hope so!

servicii contabile said...

Wow this roses pictures are incredible, they looks incredible. I have in my small backyard 3 red roses, but they are not beautiful like yours.