Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

As I (and perhaps you) prepare a sermon for tomorrow, here's a sentence from my beloved Interpreter's Bible 1952, commenting on John 10:10 ("I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly."):

While as for those who fling their lives away in an avid questing for sensation, is there a more scathing passage anywhere than that in which C.E. Montague points out that many, seeking to make a collection of experiences as others do of stamps, and esteeming every new experience of any kind an addition to their store, will get drunk simply for the experience, and touch unholy things that they may taste the whole of life: not realizing, poor duped fools, misled by some hobbledehoy thinkers, so-called, who have cooked these immature ideas into a kind of messy philosophy, that in life as in arithmetic there is a minus sign as surely as a plus; and that certain experiences do not add to, but subtract from, what we had and were before, each new indulgence in forbidden things leaving us poorer, leaner, emptier, and at length beggared.

Well, OK, then.

People should really use the word "hobbledehoy" more often.

Back to work.

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Brian K said...

Sounds like someone is trying to talk him-(her-?)self out of having that donut.