Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden update, May 28--the front yard

It's been almost a month since I've done a full-on garden update. As you can imagine, lots has been happening. Let's take a look.

Sweetpeas with sunflower

I'm really happy with how this is turning out. The picture doesn't do justice to the colors--or, of course, the scent!  You walk down the street and you pass through a curtain of sweetpea perfume. And then there's the sunflower peeking out behind (and more to come). In between the sunflowers and the sweetpeas, I've planted black beans, which are coming along nicely.

Here's the view along the fenceline:

The main things you see are the purple wallflowers and the white rock rose.  But there are a few others things I'll show you.

The peach-colored flower is the Chantilly Lace, a non-snapping snapdragon, and next to it a pink Penstemon.  We're kind of sorry now we planted them next to each other since the flowers are so similar.  And next to that:

More snapdragons, which are just now beginning to pop out.  These red ones are called Defiance.  It really is too bad, design-wise, that we put all these things in a row, but, eh.  There's next year.

The Alstroemeria (which I always have to look up) that we planted last year is blooming up a storm!  I'm not totally sold by it, but it looks really good mixed in with the rocket (below).
I must say, despite my quibbles, that's a mighty pretty yard.

A couple more photos and then I need to get to work digging in the back (photos of that another day).  Here's what's going on along the house:

The smaller Pink Cupid sweet peas are blooming nicely, as are the Rose Chiffon poppies.  Behind them, you can see some dahlias making their move, and behind that gardenia bushes with their first white flowers.

Further down, we have violas and some "Rozanne" geraniums in pots on either side of the door (another design error; wish I'd had contrasting flower colors) while the hydrangeas once again try to eat the house.  How far back do I have to cut those things???  In the white basket, I've started some Baby Blue Eyes, but they're taking their time.

The hollyhocks are all caddywompus.  I had to strap the middle one up; it was plopping out into the middle of the yard, apparently thinking it was a vine.  Posture, people! Posture!

And finally, the veggies:
Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, and in the right hand bed, jalapeno peppers in front, peas and beans in back.  And some boysenberries (which we didn't get into the backyard in time) in the wooden planter behind.

And now I'd better get myself in the backyard where there's lots to be done!  Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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