Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday, November 9

Sovereign: A Matthew Shardlake Mystery (Matthew Shardlake Mysteries)I'm reading the third Matthew Shardlake mystery by C.J. Ransom, Sovereign. I was amazed at how I felt transported back to the reign of Henry the VIII by the very first page. Do you get that same feeling?

Here are the first three sentences of the book (because I am a Teaser Tuesday scofflaw).

It was dark under the trees, only a little moonlight penetrating the half-bare branches. The ground was thick with fallen leaves; the horses' hooves made little sound and it was hard to tell whether we were still on the road. A wretched track, Barak had called it earlier, grumbling yet again about the wildness of this barbarian land I had brought him to.

I first learned about this series thanks to a Teaser Tuesday.  Thank you to whoever it was who introduced them to me. 

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Lorin said...

Glad to know that the series continues to be good. Enjoy!

Tribute Books Mama said...

Here is my teaser from Expiation by Greg Messel (page 1):

My sudden and unexpected return to Seattle was about to trigger a chain of events which completely change my life. Three months from this date my career, my life in San Francisco with my daughter and everything I had known before would be radically altered.

it's margaret said...

I read all these Shardlake mysteries this summer upon your recommendation of the first. I enjoyed them --very much! Thank you.

Buffy said...

This sounds like a series I should check out... (and I'm a fan of scofflaws. ;)

Here's mine...