Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teaser Thursday

The Sleeping Beauty ProposalSince I didn't do my usual Tuesday book blog, I'm doing it today. Here's the teaser (which isn't so much a teaser as two sentences that made me laugh) from The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer:

"That's what you get, being a Christian," he quips, flattening out the pages. "First, we're thrown to the lions, and then we're forced to mix martinis for Episcopalians."

The heroine then points out that Episcopalians are Christians too, but I still loved the quote.

And I'm loving this book. Very funny, very insightful (is that a word?), satisfying read. You know, although the description is apt, I hate to use the word Chick Lit. It's just a fun book with women taking the lead and talking about relationships. You got a problem with that?

Our heroine, Genie Michaels, is an admissions officer for Thoreau College (how often do you get novels about admissions officers, first of all?) whose English professor boyfriend of four years has just published a huge best-seller. Will he propose now that he's gotten the success? And what about Nick, the super-hot contractor who works with her brother? What on earth will happen??? Hmmm...tough call, there.

You know exactly where this is going, but it's so much fun getting there. And it really does have some interesting points to make about women and marriage. I'm enjoying this read a lot.

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Lorin said...

That sounds like a really satisfying read. I don't normally use the term Chick Lit, either, but it doesn't really bother me. I've read some stinkers under that heading but I've read some really good books too.