Thursday, March 3, 2011

World In Prayer

It was my week to write the World In Prayer prayers. Lots to pray for, that's for sure. Here they are.

Ever-present God, your Son went up to the mountain to pray and was joined by the shining examples of the Law and the Prophets: illuminate us by your word and example as we bring before you our concerns for the world:

We pray for Libya where fighting between rebels and Qaddafi loyalists continues. We pray for refugees fleeing their homes and for those trapped in the conflict. We pray for all those countries where uprisings have established new leadership and authority: Tunisia and Egypt among them. We pray for wisdom and clear thinking for diplomats and international aid workers, and courage, grace and peace for the citizens of these countries.

We pray for Cote d’Ivoire where a crisis over the November presidential election remains unresolved, and where a reported 200,000 people have fled violence and unrest.

We pray for Afghanistan where 9 boys collecting firewood were mistakenly killed by NATO helicopter gunners who mistook them for insurgents. We pray for clear eyes to see the world around us and for a world in which all may live without fear.

As we observe the continued conflicts in Wisconsin (USA) between the governor and public sector workers, we pray for governments who seek to balance their budgets and for unions who advocate for their members. We pray that all may be enlightened by love and charity as they search for solutions. We also pray for all workers who struggle to make ends meet, and for those who are unemployed.

We pray for Christchurch New Zealand as they mourn those killed in an earthquake on February 22 and as they make plans to rebuild the city.

As we mark Women’s History Month, we pray for women throughout the world. We pray for those affected by domestic abuse at the hands of those who should love and care for them. We pray for those impacted by inequality in the workplace. We give thanks for those women, living and dead, who have been examples for us of strength and compassion, remembering especially Mary and Martha, Lydia and Priscilla, and other foremothers in our faith.

We remember also in our prayers the Reverend Peter J. Gomes, pastor, preacher and teacher who spent his life opening the Bible and opening minds as well. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

And as we return to the plains and enter the stretch of wilderness known as Lent, may we find your encouragement and presence on our journey and in our world, O God, through your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ who dwells among us and is revealed to us day by day. Amen.

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