Thursday, March 3, 2011

Situation in Cote d'Ivoire

It seems to be deteriorating.

Here's the latest from the BBC:

Security forces in Ivory Coast have shot dead at least six women marching in support of Alassane Ouattara in the main city of Abidjan, witnesses say.

Mr Ouattara is recognised by the UN as the winner of November's election, but Laurent Gbagbo has refused to concede power.

The shooting took place in Abobo, a pro-Ouattara stronghold which has seen violent clashes for more than a week.

The UN says around 200,000 people have fled the recent unrest in the district.


On Wednesday, international radio stations, including the BBC, were taken off air without explanation.

Electricity and water were then cut off in northern Ivory Coast - a region traditionally opposed to Mr Gbagbo.

In an official statement, the electricity company has denied any responsibility for the power cuts, saying they were a direct result of armed men taking control of the distribution centre on Monday.

Our correspondent says few of the millions of Ivorians who live in the north have any other means of generating electricity in a country that normally has very reliable supplies.

Hospitals are already reported to be struggling and humanitarian agencies are working out how to respond.

I'm thinking prayers are also in order.

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