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Letter to Lillian, July 2, 1922

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

Sampson Mine
Llanada Calif.
July 2, 1922.

Dear Lillian--Your brief epistle was brought in by the boss in the last mail, causing an interruption in my pipefitting. I am referring to the shower bath I mentioned in my last letter. It is now complete and in good running order.

     Well, the time is passing and in less than three weeks I will see you again. That is, if I don't get fired and see you sooner. Cooper, one of the men in the quarry, was fired today. This letter is being written in the laboratory, with one eye on the furnace and the other on the hotplate.

     I have come to the conclusion that my wireless won't work. I think that the trouble is with the aerial, so I am going to tear it down tonight and put a couple of insulators in it.

     I sent my last letter down with Mr. Haycraft. He noticed the name and asked if it was the Knowles in the real estate business. He said that he is acquainted with your dad.

Next day--same week--same place.

     About that time the boss came in and my evaporation was finished.

     Last night I took my aerial down and put it up again. It was about 8:15 when I finished so I did not get a chance to try it out. It was grounded on both ends so I am not surprized that it failed to work.

     Lately I have been sleeping away from home. I have been sleeping at the place Dennis left. The boss wanted someone to stay there a few nights.

     I brought my blankets back this morning. There is a spring near there. I brought a sample of the water with me this morning to test as to its fitness for drinking. The water here contains too much magnesia for me. I remove most of it by boiling the water, but boiled water is none too good.

     Well, the mail is going out so I must close

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