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Letter to Lillian, posted June 30, 1922

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

Sampson Mine
Llanada Calif.
June 29, 1922

Dear Lillian--Your most welcome letter came last night, at least I suppose that it was from you. Your address was on it but not your name. But considering who it is we will excuse you this time. To quote Blackie "But don't let it happen again."

     This letter is being written in the laboratory. The bosses from San Francisco are down today and I hope to get enough written between analytical procedures to send with them.

    You asked if there are any pine trees or creeks around. Larios creek runs through camp and pine trees abound. One pine tree leans over the laboratory. My wireless aerial stretches between two pines. Oak and juniper abound too. There is considerable sagebrush and mewquite on the hills around here.

Same day--later. Evening has arrived and I take my pen in hand again. It is practically useless to try to use a fountain pen on account of the heat and dry air. The heat makes it leak and the ink then evaporates resulting in the pen being empty most of the time.

    I finished the analysis and obtained pretty good results. I just now noticed that my neck was warm so I looked at my lamp. It had taken its customary jump. The soot is now settling.

    This evening I did some pipefitting. Blackie, Pete the Wop, and I are putting in a shower bath. I am doing the piping, Blackie is carpenter and Pete does the standing around.

    The cook and the storekeeper had a row today. About the fourth time that supplies were called for, the chemist said nothing doing. Later the cook came around to climb my neck. Haycraft and Moore, the bosses from Frisco, took it all in. I intend to avoid future arguments as a new cook is expected soon.

    I asked Haycraft when he was going to bring his daughter down again. He said that he expected to bring them next time he came. Sara, my friend, is quite anxious to come down.

    But to get down to facts, it is only 3 weeks and 2 days until we will meet again.

    This morning I had a couple of adventures with fire. I set my hand afire the first time and nearly set the lab. afire the second. Both were gasoline fires. The first time I struck a match with my hand covered with gasoline. I put it out rather promptly and soon forgot it. A little later I was starting the furnace and went outside to see Blackie about that time. The gasoline was burning quite strongly when I went back. But the lab is still OK and so am I.

    This morning I slept late. I did not get up until 6. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5 to work in the lab. Tomorrow is the 30th too. I have to make up my store books. One thing that I have to do is to write a new set of prices. The old ones need revision.

    Well it is after 9 o'clock so I must close.

          Your         Jim x

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