Monday, March 7, 2011

Obit du jour: Doyald Young, prominent typefact designer

A sample of font "Home Run"
Besides getting to read an interesting life story about a man who went from leaving home at 15 and working as a bellhop, usher, and railroad brakeman to being a renowned teacher and creator of typeface, there are two other things I appreciate about today's obituary of Doyald Young.

The first is the fonts themselves. I have a soft spot in my heart for interesting fonts since I was the sign language interpreter for a class on the subject and saw what went into it. In Young's case, he created Home Run, Young Gallant, Young Finesse, and Young Baroque, all of which you can see here.

But the thing that makes me happiest is seeing the sentences used to display these fonts in all their glory, A to Z. Sentences like

Will Major Douglas be expected to take this true-false quiz very soon?
My expensive quartz watch once belonged to JFK.
New job: fix Mr. Gluck's hazy TV, PDQ.
Mozart's pawing quickly vexed a fat bishop.
Baroque? Hell, just mix a dozen wacky pi fonts & you've got it.
Packing five dozen waxy liquor jugs? Must be a typophile.

Must be!

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