Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opening Day

First it was wonderful.

The weather was perfect and the crowd cheered as each player was introduced and charged on the field. Baseball! And a whole new season ahead! And a homerun for our boys in green and gold in the first inning!

Then it got funny.

Stomper, our suave elephant mascot, decided to sit right in front of me for a while. Just as the shortstop made an egregious error.

Then it got ugly. Five errors? Ugh. Stomper banged his head against the metal rails in front of him as he watched. It's going to be a loooong season.


Anonymous said...

yeah. months and months, sigh

Heather said...

Groan. Maybe I should just give up and become a Mariner's fan. It would make my cousin happy, and really, SOMEone should be happy here.

it's margaret said...

Is this the Giants or the A's?

If it is the A's --well, you deserve to be disappointed!

If not --hang in there. It will get better.