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Letter to Lillian, July 31, 1922

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

[letter written in pencil]
Sampson Mine
Llanada Cal
July 31, 1922

Dear Lillian - I am sorry to inform you that the reason for the pencil is that I am flat on my back in bed. I have been in bed almost continuously since Saturday morning. Friday I was in fair shape as shown by the fact that I ran down to the road twice in the Ford. Today is the day I am supposed to go, but I couldn't get to the Ford let alone run it.

     Tomorrow morning the boss intends to take me to the hospital, either in Hollister or Fresno.

     The trouble is due to intestinal obstruction where my appendix was. There is a large red swelling divided down the center by the operation scar so the cause is easily seen.

     It is interesting to see the amount of life about as I lie here in bed. Flies of course are to be classed as only a pest, although I get a great many with my trusty swatter, said swatter being purchased in Woolworth's on Fifth and Market at about 12:20 PM July 24. I bought one for the lab. and one for the tent.

     As regards other life a bird tried to get in the tent, and one or two of these little flycatcher lizards sought to penetrate the screen

     I do not wish to annoy you with further details of my illness so I will close. I will give you further information as soon as possible.

          So save some of your love
               for      Jim.


J.L. Maupin, M.D., President
D.H.Trowbridge, M.D., Secretary
[caption under illustration]
Modern Fireproof Hospital

Fresno, California,
Tues. August 1-1922

     Mr. Campbell had his operation this morning,- is awake now and doing nicely. He will probably be here for several days--perhaps longer so a letter addressed to him at the "Burnett Sanitarium-Fresno-California #116- will reach him.

JB Campbell
By - AM.O.

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