Saturday, April 9, 2011

Garden update, April 9

At long last it is a full-on gardening weekend. I have donned my grubbies and nobody'd better get in my way. So far, I have thinned the lettuce, planted more lettuce varieties, planted radishes, green beans, and basil, and transplanted some cosmos and cuphea (which is an experiment this year).

This weekend is also the big spring party at Annie's Annuals, which is never good for the ol' bank account, but so much fun. I always try to hold myself back. It never happens.

Before I go, here are a few ridiculous number of photos of the current activity in the garden. Proportions are a bit off in the photos. I'm afraid everything looks the same size.

Blooming in the backyard:

Here's some mimulus which really took off and got itself established over the winter. I'm very happy with this. It's a much smaller plant than it looks like in the photo. Still pretty showy though.

This photo makes the pulmonaria look so grand. It's really a very modest plant. This whole thing is maybe 9" around. I've always had a soft spot for pulmonaria, aka lungwort, which isn't very showy but it's just so sweet.

In the front yard:

It's the first time I've gotten tulip bulbs in in the fall. Still looks a little spotty, though, if you ask me.

These sparaxis, though, look terrific! I love these little guys! They have been a mite trampled by Certain Dogs.

I planted these purple agrostemma in the fall and they're growing like weeds. Well, for a lot of people, that's what they are. I just love 'em though. The yard's heavy on the purples, but I don't care. Underneath, you'll see a plant who's name I can't remember; we just call them "spoonflowers."

Speaking of purple, these wisteria over the front gate are just about to explode! I remember a couple of springs ago hearing a radio announcer talk about a "wisteria outbreak." Well, it was actually "listeria," but I think outbreak describes the event very well.

The first blooms are out on the hollyhocks--at least on this one. I think I have four varieties in the front yard among the azaleas (also blooming up a storm). You'll see the bend in this hollyhock stalk as it leans out to catch as much sun as it can. I'm a little disappointed there's not more activity among the hollyhocks, but they're probably not in the best location.

Finally, over in the raised beds, I put the tomatoes (left) and peppers (below, front) in the ground on Monday. The peas (below, back) I planted earlier and don't seem to be thriving, but I'm hoping they'll get a move on now that it's getting warmer. I'm very pleased that I got to use the beds during the winter for a couple of things; the winter peas never really came through, but I did enjoy some very good beets.

It's time to do some more plotting and planning (as well as plotting and planting). I hope you get to indulge your hobbies this weekend as well. Enjoy!

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