Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Danger! Cupcakery near the library!

For weeks now I've been passing the Coming Soon! announcement on a store named Ganache--an upscale cupcakery at Sonoma and Georgia on my way to the Vallejo library. And now it has opened, which is DEADLY!

I looked in the glass case, pointed, and said, "Is that...bacon?" Yes, indeed, there was a maple bacon cupcake AND...(wait for it) a Chicken and Waffle cupcake. The owner, Nicole, told us that cyclists come over on the ferry, show up, get their Chicken and Waffle, and cycle away.

I did (bravely I think) get a Chicken and Waffle, which was...interesting. I actually liked the maple frosting combined with the chicken. The cupcake itself was not the most interesting part, though I guess with "waffle" flavor (actually vanilla), it shouldn't be.

We also got the more traditional red velvet (good flavor, a little dry), as well as a key lime (tasted rather lemony) and a chocolate mint (still untried). All gorgeous, as you see. I wonder if these cupcakes were a bit older; it was almost 6 when we got there. I will be FORCED to go again on Saturday when they're at the Farmer's Market--though it will have to be early since we were told last week they sold out by noon. (Next time I go, I'll photograph the savory cupcakes.)

It's really great to see this kind of shop in Vallejo. I am wishing it every success. I'll probably help.


Jessica said...


I'd gain a pound a day! Cupcakes are my absolute weakness.

Bobbi Galvin said...

Baked goods AND books all in one trip?! *swoon*

jacqui said...

I think it was incredibly brave of you to try a chicken waffle cupcake. I honestly don't know if I could have done it...