Saturday, March 27, 2010

Theresa of Avila needs you!

Over at Clergy Family Confidential, we're down to the last of the match-ups before the finals: Theresa of Avila vs. George Herbert.

Meanwhile, on Seven Whole Days, my former friend Scott Gunn is talkin' smack against my girl T, saying, "She can’t make up her mind if there should be an “H” in Theresa. Which is it, Teresa or Theresa? This is worse than being shifty-eyed (a sure sign of suspicious behavior). She is shifty-named."

Can we let this happen? Can we let the good doctor T who led us through the Interior Castle get picked on by a panty-waist poet who arranges words to look like butterflies? My friends, this cannot be.

Hie ye over to Fr. Tim's place and vote for the saintly Spaniard. God will love you better if you do.


Scott Gunn said...

Is it Father Tim or Father Thim? Maybe you all had better stay here and not vote. It's too confusing.

P.S. The butterfly comment was a nice touch.

it's margaret said...

I voted three times --I think the counter must be fixed because it didn't change at all... feh!

my wv: spoxh
A spoxh on George!