Saturday, March 13, 2010

From the world of saintly sports

I have been watching with great interest the Lent Madness brackets over on Clergy Family Confidential (thanks to Scott Gunn who pointed me to it from his blog, Seven Whole Days).

Here’s how it will work. There will be 32 saints signed up for the tournament. Each day I’ll print some information about two of them and then we’ll take a vote. We’ll continue Lent Madness until we have crowned a saintly champion.

VERY exciting for a saint junkie like me. And it finally occurred to me to pass it on to you.

We're now in the Round of Saintly Sixteen with today's fierce battle between Theresa of Avila and Richard Hooker. You can vote to get your favorite ever closer to the Golden Halo (which is not coveted because that would be a sin). I'm betting on Theresa to go to the final four at least. What say you?

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