Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's like I died and went to obit heaven

Yesterday, I learned about an online magazine called Obit. Why hadn't anyone told me before? It's terrific! It includes thing like

*Died on the Same Day: a daily feature showing two people who both died on that day (today's deaths: Marcus Garvey and Spencer Tracy)

*The Grim Reader: This Week in Death Commentary on death in the news!

*Arts and Media coverage with things like Top 5 death songs (I note #2 is "A Rose for Emily" by the Zombies).

*Books all about DEATH

*And a weekly advice column on death and dying called The Check-out Line (and the advice (from today's column anyway) is good, too!)

Oh, man! I don't know if someone with a morbid streak should be allowed to be this excited!


it's margaret said...

oh my ---is this what the "end of the world" has brought you to already!?

Laura Toepfer said...

Just wait till you see my new Goth get-up, black alb and all.

qoe said...

Just don't forget the black fishnet stockings and the 4 inch spike heels! These are absolutely essential to promote morbidity... well, at least in the legs and feet...