Thursday, June 25, 2009

Church Geek Alert

I'm prepping for this Sunday's sermon and looking over all the parts of 1 and 2 Samuel that the Revised Common Lectionary skips (which are, of course, all the wonderful grisly bits of the story) and I wanted to find out where David was when he was running around the countryside trying to hide from Saul.

Enter which is friggin' awesome! You enter a book of the Bible--go ahead, pick one! Good one. And a chapter. Pick it from the pull-down menu.

Voila! A little box shows the passage and highlights each of the place names in it. And then when you click on the highlighted place names, it shows you where they are and what their significance is in Biblical times.

All of this is overlaid with Google satellite images and also lines that show the borders of the nations of Biblical times!

It is just too cool! Or I am just too lame. Oh, just go check it out. I'm telling you, it's cool.

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Lorin said...

Nifty! You may be a church geek, but you're in good company!