Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Danny LaRue

Two obits to bring to your attention today. The first, brought to my attention by Andrew Sullivan, for Danny La Rue, OBE, "the self-styled grand dame of female impersonation."

It's hard to say what my favorite part of the obit is. Is it the part where "At 18 he entered the Royal Navy and joined the ship’s concert party. 'My first part was the native girl in White Cargo,' he remembered. 'I looked stunning.'"? Or the part where, after being conned,

Asked, as a staunch Catholic, “Where is your God now?”, La Rue replied: “He’s still there. He probably thought I’d got too carried away with myself and needed teaching a lesson. He took only my money, not my talent. Religion is a great consolation. Certainly it’s affected my sexual life. I find the promiscuity in the world rather frightening. You can’t be happy and promiscuous.”

I love that this man does not, will not, fit neatly into any container, aside from a frock.

Actually, my favorite part is probably the pictures. Below is a picture of Danny with Princess Margaret. Danny's the one who looks fabulous. But you knew that.

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