Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Torture update

No response from my other emails to the Bishop and Presiding Bishop, and I think that's all the response I'm going to get, alas.

There's all sorts of stuff finally filtering out through the news, but one thing I wanted to highlight especially is the debate over whether or not torture is effective.

Actually, I want to point you to someone who says it better than I. Over at Obsidian Wings, there's a very good entry by Eric Martin about why this debate is a red herring.

Although many respected experts in the realm of interrogation best practices contend that building a relationship/rapport is a more effective of extracting reliable information (rather than false confession), the reason that we, as a nation, should abstain from torture is because torture is a morally reprehensible practice.

Full stop.

Finally, a reminder that June is Torture Awareness Month. Spread the word.

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