Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the noooos

Stories like this make me look at my hamburger a little differently.

Molly the cow had big dreams — none of which involved buns or barbecues.

Last week, she successfully dodged her fate of being reincarnated as umpteen New York cheeseburgers when she bolted from a Queens slaughterhouse and proceeded to star in her very own wild west cattle drive up 109th Avenue.
Cops finally caught up with the hay-eating Houdini in Kahn's yard and tranquilized her. Still holding fast to her dreams, Molly rammed her head into a police horse trailer brought to the scene in a last ditch attempt to resist her capture. Witnesses told the News at least a dozen cops were needed to coax the cow into the trailer.

For a moment Molly's life hung in the balance. Would she be returned to the slaughterhouse or rewarded for her hutzpah? Whether as a nod to her new found fame or as an act of true altruism, her owner relinquished the 400-pound dairy queen to animal-care workers and the promise of greener pastures.

video of her new home below.

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