Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday morning preacher: Where the juice is

When the Bible gives you lemons...
I was thinking about this last week when a fellow preacher asked online whether it was OK to avoid the gospel last week with its hateful message. I had just been looking at it myself since I was preaching on it too. Yeahhh...not a fun one. Not on any preacher's top 10 list.

And yet, it's the parts of the readings that make me go "What the heck is that about?" that I find most compelling to preach on. Maybe it's because they're the parts of the Bible that I can't pretend to already know and understand. All I know is that when I preach on what at first looks easy, I tend to get insipid sermons and when I preach on the hard stuff, I'm often more inspired.


Kurt said...

It should be noted that the preacher said he wanted to not preach on the Gospel BECAUSE he wanted to preach on the Philemon reading, not because he wanted to avoid the "hate."

Just saying... :)

LKT said...


It should also be noted that the preacher in question handled the H-bomb BRILLIANTLY, as you can see for yourself here.

LKT said...

Oh, pooh! That link doesn't work. Try here instead.