Thursday, April 1, 2010


I knew the NUMMI auto plant in Fremont was closing, but I honestly didn't know anything about its significance until listening to this program on This American Life.

Here's the report from the San Jose Mercury News:

FREMONT — NUMMI produced its last car at 9:40 a.m. today.
The red Toyota Corolla rolled off the line, as hundreds of employees, dignitaries and company officials watched, according to workers and union leaders. The car is believed to be destined for a museum in Japan.
"It's over," said Javier Contreras, an official with the United Auto Workers.
Employees honked their horns as they left the plant following their final shifts this morning. Some went to nearby restaurants, others went bowling or to a sports bar near the Fremont factory.
"People are cheerful," Contreras said. "They are hugging each other and shaking hands."
Other employees said they tried to avoid crying but began to break into tears as the left the plant.
Please remember in your prayers the 4,700 workers laid off today.

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