Friday, August 27, 2010

Because this is what I'm spending all my time thinking about

In these times in which we live, with questions of civil rights and religious liberty and the ongoing struggle for truth and justice for all, I think it behooves us on this beautiful Friday to think about last night's episode of Project Runway. Not in any deep way, mind you. Just in a "Holy crap, can you believe that?" sort of way.

Oh my. Oh my my. I won't go into detail here since there's many a recap blog out there. (This one captures the gist nicely.) Suffice it to say that at the end of the episode and all of today, I've had this aria running through my head:

Is Beverly Sills Tim Gunn? Or is she Michael C., who in the previews for next week's episode is out for vengeance? Or is it Gretchen, turning on her team when the judges don't like (let's face it) her collection?

I may yet have some more, you know, worthwhile things to say about what that episode showed about bossiness vs. management, and how women use "just trying to help" as an excuse for bullying while men use...some other phrase. (If you can think of what that phrase is, let me know.) Or pondering why Tim Gunn is so magnificent; that's worth some consideration.

OK, so maybe you're above such things. But if you've read this far, don't know what the heck I'm talking about, and still want to know what happened, I think this captures the tenor of the episode nicely:

(h/t Oddly Specific)

There's sermon fodder here, for sure.

If you watched Project Runway, what did you think?

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Lorin said...

I don't know anything about opera but that hat she is wearing is fierce. Looks like something from 2 weeks ago.

Do you read Project Rungay? Their take on Gretchen was hilarious.