Friday, June 4, 2010


Just wanted you to see the before...

...and after

What a difference, eh?  Several men came this morning with chain saws and chippers and the yard is completely changed.  It looks mighty spartan now, but it's the first step in what I think will be a very good direction.

The boxwood is gone; they led you from the flagstone to...nothing in particular.  If you wanted to get into the back shady corner, it was just the thing.  Otherwise, it just...kind of drove me crazy. 

Also the persimmon tree got whacked, which was somewhat sad.  There was nothing wrong with the tree, except that it didn't fit and the only people living here who liked persimmons were the dogs.  I can't say I'm sorry it's gone, but it was a rather ruthless move.

The tree in the upper left corner of the "before" photo now missing was huge photinia which ought to have been a shrub.  But it didn't stay a shrub and ended up growing into the phone and power lines as well as making the whole back corner of the yard dark.  The apple tree in the back doesn't know what hit it.  Could it be...sunlight?  (I had no idea that apple tree was so substantial until the other things came out.)

Lots of work to do.  But it's very exciting.  It's a completely different yard from what was there even this morning.  We'll see what develops.  I'll keep you posted.


it's margaret said...

Oh no!!! Not the persimmon tree!!!

(I love persimmons.... my grandmother's pudding and all that....)

Spectacular m'dear. Have fun in your new yard!

LKT said...

I know...I know. We made sure to tell it it was a very good tree.