Monday, January 25, 2010

Several pieces of wisdom from the blogosphere

I am working on a longer post, but I wanted to share these three tidbits from blogs I read that I liked very much.

First, from Lionel Deimel's blog, a question for the third Sunday after the Epiphany: "If Jesus died for our sins, what did he live for?"

Second, from Tobias Haller, BSG, a thought from retreat:

The quickest way to kill the truth is simply to speak it, and then not act upon it. If you really want to bury it for good, inscribe it on the walls of your temple, where you can bow to it and do it reverence, then turn your back upon it and walk away from it. Thus you will be able to act in ways contrary to it, but always point to the temple on the hill.

And finally, and most encouragingly, from Jim Vining, a freeing reminder:

I keep small paper from my counselor as a reminder to keep a realistic outlook on life.
I am posting it in hope that it might be freeing to some of you.

I am Responsible for:
* how I treat myself
* how I treat others

I am Not Responsible for:
* how others treat me
* how others treat others
* how others treat themselves

That's a keeper for sure.

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