Monday, October 20, 2008

Reading update

I have read a book! Still working on the Lust Lizard, but I finished a mystery called "Three Bags Full," quite wonderful! A shepherd is murdered, found in the field with a spade stuck through him. And his sheep decide to solve the murder.

The cleverest sheep is Miss Maple, and one chapter is entitled "Miss Maple Investigates." Then there's Othello and Cloud and Sir Ritchfield and Zora and Mopple the Whale, who probably looks somewhat like the sheep on the left in the photo.

There's also a wonderful reference to Wuthering Heights. And a sheep's eye view of the Blessing of the Animals. And a very complex mystery. Or else I'm just out of practice.

It was, all in all, delightful. And evidence that I can, in fact, still read a whole book.

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