Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An obit with audio!

Because today I read the obit of "Ruedi Rymann, Swiss Yodeling Star." Lest you mock, be aware that I am 1/4 Swiss. "To the Swiss, Mr. Rymann was something of a cultural representative, the embodiment of a kind of Swissness that was steeped in tradition. A forester, a hunter and generally an outdoorsman, he was an athlete as well, running a local club devoted to the uniquely Swiss style of wrestling known as swingen, in which the combatants strive to toss each other beyond the bounds of a circular bed of sawdust." And he was a cheesemaker. Blessed be he.


qoe said...

Ach! The incomparable Ruedi was legendary in the yodelling world. Bless him and give him rest.

[My voice teacher was also of Swiss extraction, so I have a healthy regard for the Swiss.]

Laura Toepfer said...

I'm afraid I sounded more mocking than I wished. His voice is really lovely.