Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Jesus on a breadstick! No more &*#$%@# handprint stoles!

You can buy this on Etsy for $75.
The description says (and I am not making
this up), "adorned with the colorful hand-
prints of actual joyful children!"
I participate in an online discussion group for people involved in Christian formation. Yesterday, someone asked what would be a good gift for the children to give to a new rector. Promptly, someone wrote back to suggest making a stole on which the children could put their handprints.

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I reacted poorly.

But perhaps this is just me, I thought, and so I put the question to Twitter:

The reply was swift and clean:
But I continued:
And when Laurie Brock, aka @drtysxyministry, appeared, things started to get real.

At which point I shared this image, which is something you will see if you Google "handprint stoles" as I did.

As Laurie noted,
And you won't either.

Have we learned our lesson, people? It's a sweet thought, but keep your hands off the vestments.

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