Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garden Update, August 2012

It's about time to check in on the garden and see how things are going.

Well, the tomatoes are doing just fine.

In fact, I believe I am due for another BLT for lunch today.

A couple of volunteer hollyhocks are standing guard at the corner of the house.

They're the only hollyhocks I have this year. Well, there's one other but it's been a green mound, a bust of a plant.

The hydrangeas continue to be unstoppable.

Not quite the monsters they were last year, but still.

The bed next to the hydrangeas is still scraggly; however, the bee balm is in year 2 and decided to bloom.

We went a little dahlia-mad this year, and some of them are finally blooming in that extravagant dahlia manner they have.

Love the red edges on this one.

This one is called Tip-toe.
Check out the Daddy Long Legs hiding in the petals!
Meanwhile, in the backyard, the side bed is looking pretty good. Coreopsis and zinnias are the stars this year.

But let's not overlook the zucchini hiding in the undergrowth:
I have GOT to figure out what to do with these.
And in the side beds, a coreopsis managed to survive several uprootings and is blooming!

Strangely, though, there is a new bare patch in the other side bed where the alonsoa once bloomed.

I wonder why that is...

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piman said...

My castor beans and sunflowers are nice. Dogs deserve some fun!