Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden update, July 2

It's a beautiful day and I should be out in it, but I wanted to fill you in on new developments in the garden.

We'll start in the front yard with the sad failure of the hollyhocks.

It's like the Boulevard of Broken Dreams in plant form. The one I'd been holding up with stakes and string finally collapsed and I had to pull it out. Soooo depressing. I have one proud hollyhock, which planted itself between the boysenberries and the beans:

I take comfort in that.

The green beans are going great guns! I had some earlier this week, just go out and pick a handful and steam 'em up.

They're really good.

I keep trimming the tomatoes but they still look mighty jungly. Andy is back there looking for an opportunity to steal some green beans.
"Don't mind me; I'm just being photogenic."

The cuphea I started way back when is blooming and I think is a mighty interesting plant. Harper thinks so too. And since Harper likes to pull up plants and bring them to you, I'm a little worried about the fate of the cuphea.

"Oooh! What's this?"

I've managed to keep most of the dahlias from being trampled to death by dogs of all sizes and they are starting to bloom. Pretty dramatic.

The ursinia and alonsoa have also survived ravaging puppies and are coming along. I love the colors, though you can't see them very well in this photo.

On the other side, the hydrangeas are still clamoring to get in the house while the gardenias are more ladylike about it, insinuating themselves by scent.
"Let us in!"

The "view" from my office window.

"We will seduce you with our heady perfume."

Last for the front yard, the sunflowers and sweet peas do make a very nice combination.

In the back, I've planted some pumpkin seeds. I think having pumpkins would be great fun! We'll see what happens.

Remember last month with the empty back beds? Well, I've made progress:

Now things just need to grow up and fill in.
Rudbeckia, alstroemeria, dahlia

Flycatcher, coreopsis

The corn will allllllmost be knee-high by the fourth of July. I also planted the other half with corn and the front row with peas last week, but no sprouts yet.

We did have carrots. Until Harper got to them.

I got to eat one of them.

On the other hand, the radishes are insane! And those huge lettuces behind them? That is the heirloom iceberg lettuce. It ain't no bowling ball head o' lettuce, that's for sure.

I'm always looking at the details, but what's great about doing this monthly check-in is that I take a look at the garden as a whole. And I have to say, it looks pretty good.

Off to enjoy the outdoors.  I hope your garden is blooming, wherever you are.

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Cassandra said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Keep up the great work!