Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The feast of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman: a final rant

It's Margaret posted a lovely entry today on her blog and noted that it was my day, saying, "She loves to celebrate these four strong women --liberators and prophets."

It was so kind of her, but to be honest, I don't give a rats ass about celebrating these four women in the Episcopal church. In fact, I have some strong objections to lumping them together and I think Elizabeth Cady Stanton would hate being part of a feast of the church at all. But since we HAVE included them, it gets my goat that they are then abbreviated because the length of their names is inconvenient.

Do I know that's why it happened? No. I'm jumping to conclusions. I don't care. All I want is for the collect of their feast day to follow the same style as that of ALL OTHER feast days, and that means including their full names. That's all. I don't understand why that is so hard.

I'm tired of the Episcopal church being half-assed and claiming the heroes of other traditions to boost its own equality credentials--heroes who may not want to be part of this tradition at all. I grow weary of hagiography.

You'll be glad to know that this is my last year to go on and on about this. I find I just don't care much any more.


it's margaret said...

Oh dear --I knew you were pissed about it... I was pissed about it last year too... I guess I spent all my pissed off ness elsewhere --sorry!

LKT said...

Heavens to Betsy! I hope you know I'm not pissed at YOU. You've been super-supportive! I'm just tired and grumpy about the whole darn thing.