Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Various and Sundry, December 17

Once again, so much good stuff out there. I will try to keep it to the essentials, which this week means Christmas-themed stuff.

The Lutheran Zephyr had two--TWO--posts on the War on Christmas, one naughty (well, snarky), one nice. Guess which one I preferred? Hint: It's the one that started, "For many years Christians have waged a persistent and spirited war on Christmas."

For those who will be home for the holidays and not entirely comfortable there, I recommend this advice on how do you deal with racist relatives over the holidays. It's actually applicable in a variety of circumstances.

For you data junkies out there, Cool Infographics presents Christmas in the World. Favorite factoid, the world's largest Christmas gift was...the Statue of Liberty. Makes it so hard to return. And if you regift it, France would notice.

And finally, for absolute heart-warming goodness, read The Bloggess's experience with a snowballing random act of kindness. You will not regret it.

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