Friday, October 29, 2010

Really good stuff that other people wrote, October 29

Let's see here...what's in my grab bag this week?

Well, there's this very cool carpet at the Sacramento Airport.

Isn't that nifty? It's "an aerial view of the Sacramento River woven into a carpet for the floor of a pedestrian bridge connecting the Sacramento International Airport terminal to the parking garage." h/t Design Fetish

I was interested to read this tidbit about our aging population. "By 2050, there will be more people aged 65 and older than children under 14 for the first time in history." What are the implications for churches or other organizations and social arrangements?

Nsubuga, who blogs at GayUganda, wrote an article for The Guardian on The Fear of Being Gay and Ugandan which is worth a read.

Finally, Trinity Wall Street has a virtual Day of the Dead Altar of Remembrance. You can submit photos to include in the altar via their Facebook page.

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it's margaret said...

That is waaayyyy cool! (sacto river)