Sunday, October 10, 2010

Job listing

A friend of mine, knowing I'm in the midst of a job search, sent me this listing from Craigslist. I particularly like the part about how you need "a strong stomach." Even without that qualification (which I don't have) I live too far away to take the job. Shucks!

But, wow, kudos to those who do this. It looks like a tough, tough job that's probably far too necessary.

Crime Scene Cleanup & Hoarding/Clutter Clean up Part Time

Steri-Clean "Hoarder Helpers" and Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC is looking to hire 1 or 2 additional part time technicians. This is part time work with average hours at 20-30 per week but can be busier or slower at times. Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:
1) Must live within 15 minutes of our office in order to meet contract requirements.
2) Clean Driving Record - Proof by Current DMV Printout
3) No Criminal Background (Misdemeanor/Felony) - Background checks will be performed
4) Excellent Physical shape - be able to move heavy furniture, appliances, etc while in hazmat clothing/respirator
5) Must be on call 24 hours a day on certain days.

Job Duties:
Steri-Clean and Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC performs both crime and trauma scene cleanup as well as hoarding/clutter clean up. You must have a strong stomach and be able to work fast, work smart and work hard. There is no room for errors or laziness. We clean everything from suicides and homicides to homes filled with trash, dead animals and human waste. It is not a glorious job by any means. We provide all training, vehicles, supplies, and equipment.

Starting part time pay is $15.00/hour while on a 6 month probationary period. Raises there after are given according to knowledge, attitude, experience and work history. Promotions are possible to full time with medical benefits.


All that for $15 an hour. Amazing.