Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why do you stand looking up toward heaven?

I actually still like what I said last year about Ascension Day, that if you just stand looking up, you get a crick in the neck and can't see anything going on around you.

This whole notion of people looking up towards heaven is informed this year by these two posts from the late Michael Spencer who asks

Is there too much heaven in some versions of Christianity? Was Jesus as much about heaven as my faith tradition told me? Is rejecting this world and longing for heaven the normal Christian life? Is there something wrong with those of us who are rooted in this world and find out joy in God here now?

Certainly I think Ascension Day would suggest the answers to these questions.

It's funny. The line that stood out to me in the readings for today was a line from Psalm 47: He chooses our inheritance for us. I don't think I'd ever noticed or thought about that before. It seems like another clue that I should just get on with the things I've been given to do and leave the rest to God.

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