Friday, May 14, 2010

Garden update

I promised myself that as soon as I finished entering a bunch of data I would go out and take pictures of the garden to post on the blog. You may or may not be excited, but I'm pleased as punch to report on the latest growth.

The roses are going nuts!

There are rose bushes on either side of the walk up to the front door and it smells so good.  Need any roses?  Come by and take some.  Really.

In other flower news, the first of the hollyhocks snuck open when I wasn't looking.
It's still mighty short, though, barely peeking out over the azalea.  This is the second growth for this hollyhock plant, so I'm not sure how well it will do, but it's mighty pretty.

The vegetable bed is looking great, with beans and peas leading the charge.
That's corn in the foreground, there.  The poor little peppers in the back row still seem very puny; I don't know how they'll do.  I keep trying to grow them from seed, but I may have to break down and buy some that have been started and hardened off better.  But the peas!

On the right, there, you can see how one of the snow pea plants has wrapped itself around the tomato cage for support.  Very cool!

One word for you: strawberries.

Finally, I wanted to show off my favorite flower: the agrostemma, which I discovered by chance at Annie's Annuals last year and continues to charm.
I wish I had video of this since they are just wonderful in breezes.  They do tend to get knocked over pretty easily so I've finally learned to plant something behind it to keep it propped up.  The one above managed to reseed itself, though, and did just fine without my help, thank you very much. 

It didn't stop me from planting more of them.  The one below still looks a little spindly, but it's just so sweet.  I hope next time I report, the penstemon to its left will be blooming.

I'm so sorry to be missing the Lilac Festival in Rochester this week!  But I'll manage with what I've got.  Happy May to you wherever you are.

And now: back to work.


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I hear the lilacs are amazing - but I doubt they can compete with my dandelions! A bumper crop worthy of bit parts on "Little Shop of Horrors" ...