Monday, May 10, 2010

If I'd a known Dallas Braden was going to throw a perfect game...

I woulda watched the whole thing, instead of just listening to an inning on the radio while I was running errands.  While I was listening I heard the A's score two runs, so I was in on part of the excitement.  It was early days, though (fourth inning) so I imagine no one had an idea what was coming.

Look at that beautiful scoreboard!

At least his grandmother knew to be there.  His mother--a single mom--died of skin cancer when he was a senior in high school and his grandmother raised him after that.   Just to add to the human interest.

Such a strange game, baseball, when the excitement builds because nothing is happening.  It's like watching someone defuse a bomb, but with less deadly consequences.  Love it.

Pictures are from the SFGate article.  Video with TV and radio calls are on And I didn't know until today that the past tense of "throw" when it relates to baseball is "throwed."  I find that amazingly disturbing.

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