Wednesday, September 2, 2009

David Pendleton Oakerhater

Yesterday was the feast of David Pendleton Oakerhater. You can, perhaps, think of him as a terrorist. He fought against the U.S. government and was imprisoned, sent off to a military post. He was Cheyenne and this was the 1800's, but I can see the similarities.

There the similarities end. "There [in the military prison], thanks to the efforts of a concerned Army captain, they learned English, were encouraged to earn money by giving art and archery lessons to visitors, and encountered the Christian faith. David and three others were moved to become Christians and to go north to study for the ministry. David was baptized in Syracuse, New York, in 1878, and ordained to the diaconate in 1881. He returned to Oklahoma and there founded schools and missions, and continued to work among his people until his death on 31 August 1931." (From the bio by James Kiefer.)

I want to know who that Army captain was.

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