Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watchmen review: SPOILER ALERT!

I'm going to try not to spoil the plot too much, but there's no way to write this without giving something away.

Just finished "Watchmen" this evening and, man, was the ending lousy or what? Up until then, I'd been intrigued to see where this was going, but the denouement was a huge letdown. MASSIVE DESTRUCTION! Followed by one of the superheroes saying, "Exposing this plot, we destroy any chance of peace, dooming earth to worse destruction." Oh, well, I guess we're done then. And then they go off their separate ways. The end.

The authors suggest doing something evil and destructive would ultimately have a unifying effect on the earth. Maybe they mean it only ironically. But how antithetical to the crucifixion is this statement from the superhero (one of the ones pictured above) who kills half of the people in New York City:

"I know people think me callous, but I've made myself feel every death. By day I imagine endless faces. By night...Well, I dream, about swimming towards a Never mind. It isn't significant. What's significant is that I know. I know I've struggled across the backs of murdered innocents to save humanity...but someone had to take the weight of that awful necessary crime."

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